• high-power low-noise swept laser scanning

  • built-in NIST traceable wavelength reference

  • broadband tuning

  • software with full data logger capability

  • intuitive user interface

  • optical spectrum analyzer

  • automatic configuration for FiberSensing sensors

  • robust design for 24/7 operation

  • FiberSensing Industrial BraggMETER measurement unit is specially designed to be used in industrial environments to interrogate FBG sensors without the need of any other external devices, such as optical source or detection modules. It employs proven continuous swept laser scanning technology to measure the absolute Bragg wavelength.

    FiberSensing industrial measurement units meet the growing demand and versatility needed for field deployments in Civil, Aeronautics and Energy applications.

    The BraggMETER measurement unit includes a NIST traceable wavelength reference that provides continuous calibration to ensure system accuracy over long term operation. The high dynamic range and high output power allows high resolution to be attained even for long fiber leads and lossy connections.

    FiberSensing Industrial BraggMETER measurement units have Ethernet interface, allowing their connection to any standard PC. The units are supplied with a LabViewTM Driver, permitting theuser to directly access data from each FBG sensor (time stamp, Bragg wavelength and OSA trace). Optionally, the standard GUI application for FiberSensing’s measurement units (iLog FS 9100) can be installed on the PC. This easy-to-use software interface features built-in datalogger functions such as automated sampling, archiving and transmitting. A high-performance local database manages both multiple sensor network configurations and large datasets. Acquired data can also be exported to analysis tools through Excel™ compatible files.

    Configuring sensors is easy and straightforward. Each FiberSensing sensor is provided with a configuration file, allowing its characteristics to be automatically inserted, so measurements can start immediately after plugging the sensor.

    Wavelength Measurement

    operating range 70 nm (1515 to 1585 nm)
    resolution 1.0 pm
    absolute accuracy 1.0 pm
    repeatability 0.5 pm
    sensors per fiber optical channels 20 (maximum recommended)
    sample rate 1 S/s

    Laser Source

    optical output power 0 dBm
    line width 500 MHz
    optical isolation > 70 dB

    Inputs / Outputs

    optical connectors FC/APC
    interface Ethernet


    language LabViewTM


    operation temperature 0 to 50º C
    relative humidity 90% at 40º C


    dimensions 275x155x110mm (mm)
    mounting 6 screws M6 - 191x117.5mm
    enclosure aluminum
    weight 4 kg


    voltage 9-36 VDC

    Specifications may change without notice