• fast acquisition for dynamic measurements

  • up to 4 sensors per fiber

  • high-power broadband source

  • software with full data logger capability

  • intuitive user interface

  • FFT analysis

  • automatic configuration for FiberSensing sensors

  • battery power supply for field operation

  • robust design for 24/7 operation

  • FiberSensing BraggSCOPE measurement unit for FBG sensors combines high-power broadband optical source with proven thinfilm optical filtering technology in an intelligent approach to perform dynamic measurement of the Bragg wavelength.

    The proprietary BraggSCOPE technology is based on wellestablished integrated add/drop WDM components, which enable a cost-effective filtering solution for Bragg wavelength measurement within predefined bands. Up to four sensors can be connected in series, which in combination with embedded optical multiplexing makes this measurement unit suitable for medium scale dynamic sensing networks.

    Configuring sensors is easy and straightforward. Each FiberSensing sensor is provided with a configuration file, allowing its characteristics to be automatically inserted, so measurements can start immediately after plugging the sensor.

    Autonomous battery operation and high level of integration offer true portability over extended time. The Portable unit is supplied with a rugged carrying case optimized for field operation.

    The intuitive and easy-to-use touchscreen graphical user interface provides the user with datalogging functions for automated sampling, archiving and transmission. A highperformance local database manages both multiple sensor network configurations and large datasets. Acquired data can also be exported to analysis tools through Excel™ compatible files.

    Wavelength Measurement

    operating range C band (1530 to 1570 nm)
    resolution 0.1 pm (static)
    0.5x10-3 pm (dynamic)
    absolute accuracy ±20 pm
    repeatability ±10 pm
    sensors per fiber 4 (maximum) at FiberSensing Bands:
    C - 1541.5 nm
    D- 1547.9 nm
    E - 1554.3 nm
    F -1560.8 nm
    optical channels 4 (with 1s switching time)
    measurement range 3.2 nm per sensor
    sample rate 10 kS/s

    ASE Source

    optical output power 13 dBm
    optical flatness 5 dB
    calculated from signal/noise of the FFT

    Inputs / Outputs

    optical connectors FC/APC


    functions sampling; archiving; transmission
    interface touchscreen GUI
    ethernet, USB
    data format mySQL database
    Excel™ compatible files


    operation temperature 0 to 50º C
    relative humidity < 90% at 40º C


    dimensions 295 x 240 x 55 (mm)
    weight 4 kg


    voltage 9-18 VDC
    power 90 W
    autonomy 2 hours
    Specifications may change without notice