• high sensitivity

  • stainless steel housing

  • spherical bearing anchoring points

  • large scale integration

  • intrinsically safe design

  • immunity to EMI/RFI

  • compatible with most FBG measurement units

  • automatic calibration for FiberSensing measurement units

  • The FiberSensing Displacement Sensors are suitable for a large range of applications. They are completely passive, offering inherent insensitivity to environmental induced noise.

    FiberSensing displacement sensors feature high accuracy and resolution, and total fiber optic design ensuring intrinsic immunity to electric sparks and EMI/RFI. Compatible with most common FBG measurement units, all FiberSensing displacement sensors combine compact size, high resistance to corrosion and harsh environments with long-term reliability. They are also suitable for remote sensing being possible to locate them several kilometers away from the measurement unit. FBG sensors offer intrinsic multiplexing capability that allows the concatenation of a large number of sensors in a single optical fiber. FiberSensing displacement sensors are, therefore, particularly suitable for difficult-to-reach locations and large scale sensing networks. The linear position and displacement sensor is a fiber optic version of the conventional LVDT (Linear Variable Displacement Transducer).

    Each FiberSensing sensor is provided with a configuration file, allowing its characteristics to be automatically inserted into FiberSensing Measurement Units.

    FiberSensing displacement sensors can be used in a large range of monitoring applications, such as:
    : civil engineering structures
    : pneumatic & hydraulic control
    : automation machinery

    The implementation of complex sensing networks in large structures is made simpler with FiberSensing accessories. These include armor protected jumpers especially designed to resist the harsh civil engineering environments, not only during the construction of the structures, but also during its lifetime (humidity, corrosion, etc.).