The KI 6350 series visible fault locator is the simplest possible optical fiber tester, with an operating range of a few Km.

Visible light is injected into the fiber under test, and can be seen from a fiber end, or through most 3 mm cable types at a break or loss point.

Fiber identification
Fiber continuity testing
Precise optical fault location
Cable route locator

Very simple to use
High quality universal connector
Pulsed or CW models
Durable construction
IP67 dust & water immersion protected

The KI 6350 series Visible Fault Locator is used to test all fiber types, up to a range of around 5 ~ 7 Km.
A fiber fault or loss point can be easily located since it emits a bright red light1. Continuity testing of a fiber is simply achieved by looking for red light coming out of the fiber bundle. Alternatively a fiber route can be confirmed by bending a patch lead so red light leaks out of the patch lead.

This simple tool is useful on short links, or on a long link with an OTDR, since an OTDR is not precise.

The universal connector adapter is suitable for 1.25 mm or 2.5 mm fiber optic connectors, and the ceramic alignment sleeve ensures durable operation.

635 nm light is more visible to the human eye than 650 nm, and pulsing helps improve this further.

The KI 6351/2 is more suited to regular use, and the inexpensive KI6353 is ideal for occasional use.

These high quality instruments are ruggedly constructed from metal. They have an IP67 environmental rating, and can withstand dust, humidity, and immersion in 1 m of water.

1 year warranty is standard, and the equipment complies with Class 2 laser safety standards.