Automated Optical Attenuator
The KI 7010A series Optical Attenuator is an easy to use instrument for testing optical transmission equipment. It combines superb accuracy with high productivity.

Optical Communications Test Applications
Transmission Equipment Commissioning
Quality Assurance
R & D

High optical power capability
High absolute accuracy
Low wavelength sensitivity
Good ORL, PDL & PMD performance
Long battery life
Interchangeable connectors
User defined sequencing
Remote control PC software

This attenuator provides optimum performance for testing fiber optic transmission systems, sub systems and components.

A combination of optical characteristics enables confident testing of high speed, high power systems which require superior power handling, ORL, PMD and PDL characteristics.

Very flat wavelength response enables confident testing of CWDM / DWDM systems. The instrument wavelength setting is irrelevant in most practical situations.

Excellent linearity and absolute accuracy enables precision linearity testing of sub systems and components.

The patented metal free interchageable connectors avoid critical contamination of connectors used in high power applications.

Operational modes include: manual, relative, step, program, and remote control via a PC. The instrument can be pre-programmed with up to 15 different user programs for improved productivity.

The PC software is used to provide external control, and is available free from Superior reliability is backed with 3 ~ 7 year warranty. The combination of features provides superior value to the user.