The KI7800C series Optical Light Source is used with an Optical Power Meter to test loss on single mode and multimode optical fiber systems, at 2 to 4 wavelengths.

High productivity, high availability and ease of use combine to achieve superior measurement confidence.

Singlemode & multimode loss testing
Cabling contractors

Ideal for mixed MMF & SMF testing
Up to 4 mixed LED or Laser sources
Autotest compatibility with other instruments
Excellent optical power stability
Excellent re-connection repeatability
Interchangeable connectors for all common types
LED sources are CPR compliant for 50 m fiber
LED sources have mandrel wraps for 50 & 62.5 m fiber
Optical test tone source
Very long battery life
Compact, rugged & light weight
3 ~ 7 year warranty
3 year calibration cycle

The KI7800C Optical Light Source is used with a power meter for measuring optical loss on single mode and multimode fiber cable. A test tone feature on Kingfisher sources and meters also provide a handy continuity test and fault finding function.

Alternatively the KI7800 can be used to test continuity and find faults in combination with with a Kingfisher clip-on fiber identifer.

Up to 4 assorted LED or laser sources can be specified per instrument, making this a versatile test source for mixed multimode / single mode fiber testing.

When used with Autotest compatible Kingfisher power meters or Loss Test Sets, automatic ? identification is achieved. The multimode LED sources are the 1st in the industry to feature standards compliance for modal distribution (CPR), center wavelength and spectral width, resulting in greatly improved measurement repeatability.

The compliant standards are IEC 61280-4-1 and TIA/EIA 526-14A Optional compliance against other standards is available.

All emitters feature excellent repeatabiliy and stability. Re-connection repeatability is < 0.1 dB, resulting in exceptional measurement accuracy.

The long battery life of nearly 5 working weeks eliminates the requirement for rechargeable batteries and time consuming re-charging procedures.

Interchangeable optical connectors are dust and drop protected. Instruments come with 3 popular connector adaptor styles and all general accessories. Metal free adaptors help avoid contamination of connectors in high power systems.

Please refer to other brochures for our convenient FiberTester kits, comprising groups of instruments and common accessories supplied in a protective field carry case.

The precision 635 nm source option has a single mode fiber output free of multimode interference effects.