Compact, rugged, lightweight OTDRs optimized for access/FTTx and LAN/WAN network testing

  • A single unit for testing singlemode as well as 50 and 62.5 mm multimode fiber
  • 850, 1300, 1310 and 1550 nm wavelengths, with respective dynamic ranges of 24, 25, 32 and 30 dB
  • Unrivaled event dead zone of 0.8 m, for easy location and characterization of all events
  • Top user-friendliness: one-touch testing, summary screen, macrobend finding
  • Complete connectivity flexibility: USB stick compatibility and USB cable data download
  • Complete test set with value-added options, including power meter, visual fault locator (VFL), fiber inspection probe, printer and IP testing
  • AXS-100 Series: Four Models to Choose From
    EXFO’s AXS-100 Handheld OTDR series covers the whole range of short-haul OTDR test applications. Featuring unrivaled event dead zones and first-class dynamic ranges, it includes four models to better suit your specific OTDR testing requirements.

    Model Wavelengths Dynamic ranges
    AXS-100 Access OTDR
    Designed for singlemode OTDR troubleshooting (in-service PON troubleshooting option)
    1310/1550/1625 nm 29/28/28 dB
    AXS-110-SM Singlemode OTDR
    Ideal for FTTx/access and CATV testing
    1310/1550 nm 32/30 dB
    AXS-110-MM Multimode OTDR
    Optimized for enterprise/premises/private network testing on both 50 and 62.5 m multimode fiber
    850/1300 nm 24/25 dB
    AXS-110 All-Fiber OTDR
    Combines singlemode and multimode capabilities for enterprise/campus/access networks
    850/1300/1310/1550 nm 24/25/32/30 dB

    Unique Advantages
  • FasTrace function: one-touch testing for top user-friendliness
  • 8-hour power autonomy
  • Lightweight: 1 kg
  • USB port (memory-stick compatible) for easy data transfer
  • Large internal memory (up to 500 results)
  • Transflective color display for viewing clear results under bright sunlight
  • Superior automated analysis for a better, easier and faster diagnosis
  • Automatic pass/fail analysis and macrobend locating Auto-zoom on events
  • The AXS-110 OTDR: The LAN/WAN Test Solution

    Easy location and characterization of events
    The AXS-110 OTDR models help you boost test productivity for inside-plant applications. Its exceptional 0.8 m event dead zone enables you to easily locate and characterize all events between the transmitter and the central office’s fiber, access and FTTH network applications, where events are usually closely spaced.

    Multimode and Singlemode Flexibility
    The AXS-110 All-Fiber OTDR combines singlemode and multimode functionalities, ideal for premises/private/enterprise network testing. Test multimode fiber within premises, or singlemode fiber between premises—all with a single OTDR unit—and maximize your return on investment.

    End-to-end PON Characterization
    The AXS-110 OTDR models let you test through high-port-count splitters—even 1 x 32 splitters—perfect for passive optical network (PON) testing.

    AXS-110 All-Fiber OTDR: Key Advantages

  • Perfect tool for tier-2 certification of premises networks
  • Pass/fail features that comply with industry standards such as TIA 568c and IEEE 802.3ah
  • Highest dynamic range of the industry for a handheld OTDR
  • Power meter option, for crosschecking the total loss using the built-in OTDR laser in continuous source mode
  • The AXS-100 Access OTDR: the Definitive Troubleshooting OTDR

    EXFO’s AXS-100 Access OTDR combines the industry’s leading OTDR technology with power meter functionalities in one powerful handheld unit. Optimized for point-to-point testing of passive optical networks (PON) within FTTx architectures, it offers several wavelength configurations and a wide range of options, for first-class flexibility.

    In-Service PON Troubleshooting Option
    The AXS-100 Access OTDR is specifically designed for in-service PON troubleshooting. It features an optional dedicated port for testing at 1625 nm incorporating a filter that rejects all unwanted signals (1310, 1490 and 1550 nm) that could contaminate the OTDR measurement.

    The filter only lets through the 1625 nm OTDR signal, ensuring accurate OTDR measurements. In-service OTDR troubleshooting of optical fiber does not interfere with the normal operation and expected performance of the information channels. EXFO’s AXS-100 does not interfere with the CO’s laser transmitters, as it uses an out-of-band wavelength, as per the ITU-T L.41 recommendation (“Maintenance Wavelength on Fibers Carrying Signals”).

    Unique Trace Analysis Software Features, for Fast, Reliable Results

    AXS-100 series OTDRs make link assessment a fast, simple task, providing unparalleled ease of use, even for technicians with little background in optical/OTDR testing. Designed for boosting OTDR testing efficiency, whether for multimode or singlemode applications, the AXS-100 software offers:

  • Full access to OTDR traces from major test equipment manufacturers
    Based on the universal Bellcore format (.sor, Telcordia SR-4731), the software lets you access OTDR traces from various test and measurement manufacturers. You can therefore seamlessly switch to the AXS-100 series and still refer to your previously archived OTDR files.
  • Summary screen
    View all your test results at once. Enjoy fail-safe OTDR post-analysis.
  • Faster acquisition—five seconds
    Spend less time retrieving your OTDR traces, speeding up your test cycles.
  • Best-in-class software analysis
    EXFO’s leading expertise in OTDR testing and trace analysis lets you benefit from high-end software in a handheld unit. Focus on what’s real: generate a list of all events actually present on the link.
  • Auto-zoom on events
    Automatically toggle between events, and get an instant zoom on an event along with its markers.
  • The Fiber Technician’s Complete Test Set— Value-Added Options

    IP Testing
    Performing complete access network testing also means testing the delivered service. With the AXS-100’s IP testing option, you can perform basic IP verification that will facilitate future troubleshooting operations.

    Visual Fault Locator
    Ideal for easily identifying macrobends, bad splices or bad connectors, this option delivers built-in 650 nm visual fault location on a universal connector.

    Power Meter GeX
    The AXS-100’s optional power meter covers the 800 to 1650 nm range, offering a power range of –60 to 26 dBm (GeX 2 mm); it is also calibrated according to CWDM wavelengths. The optional power meter comes with a three-year recommended calibration interval, providing for a very low cost of ownership.

    SmartKit Software
    Save time on the field with automated software analysis functions. Let the instrument work for you. This software package combines automatic macrobend detection, pass/fail and fault finding features. It enables you to access all your results at once and easily check link status. A single summary screen shows you detailed pass/fail status, fiber-length measurements and pinpoint macrobend localization.

    Fiber Inspection Probe
    In any optical network, connectors should be kept clean and in good condition—which is not always easy in outside conditions. You can quickly and easily inspect fiber ends or connectors using a fiber inspection probe, and view the endfaces on the AXS-100’s high-resolution display. Then, save your image captures for future documentation purposes.

    Flexible Connectivity

    Fast-Track Data Post-Processing with FastReporter Software
    The optional FastReporter software package provides you with the post-processing tools and functionalities you need to meet such challenges, whatever the application. Designed for off-line analysis of field-acquired data, FastReporter offers a truly intuitive graphical user interface, which contributes to boosting productivity.

    Powerful Batch Processing
    Automate repetitive operations on large numbers of OTDR test files, and optimize your productivity. Document an entire cable in a matter of seconds. Adjust your cable parameters and detection thresholds and perform batch analysis. Open OTDR files from various vendors’ equipment and convert them to the universal Telcordia format.

    Bidirectional Batch Analysis
    Analyze an entire cable in just two steps. View data for all events on all fibers, and at each wavelength, on a single screen.

    Live Templating for OTDR Testing
    Benefit from one-step file management at any wavelength. Keep full control by adding or removing events manually, or add/remove events automatically using a reference. Get uniform, detailed cable reports.

    Flexible Reporting
    Choose from various report templates, including loss and ORL, OTDR, PMD, CD and fiber characterization. Generate comprehensive cable reports in PDF, Excel or HTML format.

    Time Savers from EXFO’s OTDR Viewer Software

    This free software brings you key data post-processing features such as:

  • Pass/warning/fail threshold setup, which helps you meet ribbon and multifiber validation specifications
  • Bidirectional trace analysis, which provides more accurate, averaged loss measurements for each event
  • Multifiber testing using the Template Trace mode, which dynamically compares new OTDR results with a trace you assign as a reference Bidirectionnal Batch Analysis