A highly-flexible ISDN switch, converter or multiplexer Support for up to 3 PRI ISDN ports and 16 BRI in many configuration options; order the version you need.

Liberator ‘S’ Features

  • Full cross-connectability
  • Flexible routing
  • – On number
    – CLI
    – Sub-address
    – Call type (voice, data, video, audio etc)
    – Port
  • Alternate routing (in the event of busy or out of service destination)
  • Share PRIs
  • Share BRIs
  • Convert between PRI and BRI
  • NT and TE ports (connects to local devices or to a network)
  • BRI NT Power Feed (Phantom Power) option
  • Support for Euro ISDN and ANSI (USA)
  • – Optional conversion between E1s and T1s
    – BRI conversion standard feature
    – Point-to-point and Multipoint
    – Support for SPIDs (single and dual)
    – Support for AutoSPID
    – Dual TEI
  • Local tone generation
  • – On a per-port basis
    – A-law and µ-law tones
  • Optional number conversion
  • – Convert any number, or part of number to anything else
    – Add CLI and sub-addressing
  • En-Bloc and Overlap dialling support
  • Clocking hierarchy
  • – Auto switch-over
  • Excellent intuitive GUI
  • – Connect via LAN interface
    – Or serial port
    – Or optional ISDN call
  • ISDN signal capture/debug tool
  • – Useful when adding new equipment
    – Capture log for subsequent analysis
  • Many ‘Advanced’ features
  • – For more unusual networks/DTEs
    – For example, manipulate Information Elements (IEs) – ‘Overlap wait’ feature
    – Fixed TEI of 0

    The following shows just a few of the many possible configuration and application options.


    Multiple PRI distributable cross-connect switch Supports from 4 to 40 PRIs with very flexible routing options.

    Liberator ‘D’ Features

  • 4-PRI stand-alone ‘Elements’
  • – Each with own internal PSU
  • Connect up to 10 Elements
  • – Up to 40 PRIs
  • Sophisticated routing and number manipulation
  • – With alternate routing
  • Elements can be distributed
  • – Locate where I/O is required
    – On standard CAT5E cable
    – Distances at least 100m
  • Non-blocking cross-connect
  • – Any channel to any channel
  • All ports synchronised and clock-locked
  • User switchable NT/TE
  • E1 T1 conversion
  • A-Law to µ-Law conversion
  • Similar features to the Liberator ‘S’
  • Easy to add extra ports as needed
  • Managed via intuitive GUI
  • This diagram shows three Liberator ‘D’ units sharing and switching between multiple network and local PRIs. A Liberator ‘S’ attached to a PRI port delivers local BRIs.
    Calls can be passed between any PRI and timeslot with very flexible routing capabilities.


    Low-cost 4-PRI switch or mux. All of the routing. Switching and conversion capabilities of the Liberator ‘S’ and ‘D’, but in a low-cost 4-port platform.

    Detailed brochures are available on all Liberator products.
    Patapsco also have a range of ISDN over IP/Ethernet products that compliment the Liberator range.
    PacketBand-ISDN extends or switches ISDN BRI/PRI calls across packet networks for all call types; voice and data/video.
    Ideal for carriers migrating to NGNs, organisations with a mixture of voice and data devices including, for example, videoconferencing, faxes, encryptors, modems etc.