OFFC--DR Opttiicall Dome Cllossurre

OFC-DR Optical Dome Closure are designed for easy assembly and re-entry in the external plant installation. The closure featured a mechanical cable sealing system which made re-entry at no cost. The waterproof and rugged construction makes these closures perfect for the extreme plant environment.

- "O" ring. 2 part clamp and bolt sealing design, no re-entry tape or sleeve required during re-access. Save cost
- No loose part - easy of installation
- Mechanical cable sealing system for cable entry, without use of heat shrink tubing
- Accomodate extensive range of cable size
- Multiple drop cable ports for ready access
- Mountable in manhole, on wall and pole
- Security Locking Device
- No special training and tooling requierd
- Various dome size available