A fiber optic talk set is used during fiber cable installation, commissioning & repair, when other communications systems are inconvenient or not available. A pair of KI 025DD Optical Talk Sets provide convenient full duplex voice communication over a single optical fiber.

Temporary optical voice link / order wire set
Cable installation and testing
Transmission system set-up
Fiber identification source

Field proven reliability
Full duplex over one fiber
Interchangeable optical connector
Hands free speakerphone or headset operation
250 Km typical distance range
Conferencing with 1 instrument per site
No matched pair requirement
Multiple units per fiber span
Long battery life
Call buzzer
Clip-on probe available
3 ~ 7 year warranty

The Kingfisher KI025DD talk set is used during installation and maintenance of fiber optic transmission systems. It provides superb performance and convenience and is used during installation and maintenance of fiber optic transmission systems.

A talk set is typically used where alternative communications may be impossible, unreliable, inconvenient or expensive. They typically save time and help make field operations more efficient and predictable.

This talk set can be easily used by semi-skilled staff, and the hands free speakerphone facility enables easy group discussions. Interchangeable connectors adapt to changing job sites.

A buzzer function alerts staff if needed, and an optical test tone can be used with fiber identifiers and tone detectors.

The single model is suitable for all general singlemode and multimode applications.

It has up to 250 Km range, and incorporates a conferencing feature which only requires one instrument at each work site, so 3 or more work sites can be connected by just 3 or more instruments.

An alternative conferencing method, is to use the optional clip-on coupler. This uniquely enables multiple talk sets to communicate over a single fiber link. The clip-on coupler can connect to 250u coated fibers with no termination when an optical connector is not fitted, The same coupler can also be used for conferencing at mid-span, with additional talk sets at both ends of the span. The KI025DD Talk Set is very efficient to deploy, since only one instrument per field group enables the full range of functionality. Further, since all units are identical, there will be no matched pair problems.

Reliable field operation is guaranteed by a unique combination of features such as very simple to operate controls, rugged drop protected construction and reliable analogue transmission.

High quality voice transmission is maintained over the full optical range, with no operator intervention.

The hands-free speakerphone is convenient for most users. This automatically changes to headset operation when the headset is plugged in. For extremely noisy situations or intermittent use, a manual transmit mode is available. All Kingfisher talk sets are compatible, so current models work with old models, regardless of wavelength.