The KI 3600B series Optical Power Meter is used for testing fiber optic communications systems. Traceable 2% accuracy, ease of use and high availability combine to achieve superior measurement confidence. Detector & calibration options cover a wide range of connector types, fiber types and common wavelengths from +27 to -70 dBm.

System power testing
Attenuation testing
Fiber indentification

Reliable, rugged and field proven
6 -10 calibrated wavelengths
1,200 hr battery life
Autotest compatibility with other instruments
3 year warranty
3 year calibration cycle
Interchangeable connectors
Simple to use
Test Tone Detection
Max / Min recording

The KI 3600B Optical Power Meter measures absolute / relative light level and test tones in fiber optic systems.

Autotest provides automatic multiple (wavelength) testing when used with an Autotest light source, for easier, faster and more confident testing. Various matching LED and Laser sources are avialable, including mode controlled LED sources, zero warm up laser sources and 4 CWDM sources.

The meter displays mW, W, nW, dB, dBm to 0.01 dB resolution. A separate reference for each can be stored and displayed.

The tight Total Uncertainty specification covers the entire measuring range, operating temperatures, connector types and fiber types, without warm up or user dark current offset.

Operational savings result from the 3 year re-calibration cycle, 1,200 hour battery life, and no range changing delays.

The handy tone detector is a useful craft aid for fiber identification. The actual modulation frequency is measured and displayed, so that source modulation rates can be checked.

The interchangeable optical connectors are dust and drop protected. SC, FC, ST adaptors are supplied, with others available including small form factor styles. Metal free adaptors avoid contamination of connectors in high power systems.

An InGaAs detector is recommended for all singlemode & multimode test wavelengths. A Si detector is recommended for testing below 1000 nm. High power detectors are only recommended for testing above the power range of other detectors. Ge detectors provide reduced accuracy over 850 1550 nm. Special instrument versions are available with selective detector, or with a large area detector for testing MT-RJ connectors, large core fiber etc.